Flavored Variety Pack #2 – Boxer Coffee
Flavored Variety Pack #2

Flavored Variety Pack #2

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(52 ct single serve pods)

Vanilla Bean
Pumpkin Spice
Cherry Pecan Spice
Brown Sugar Caramel

52 Single Serve Pods, 2.0 Compatible.

This naturally flavored variety pack will have something for everyone. Go ahead and try both #1 and #2! All of our flavors are subtle, pleasant and rewarding. These flavored coffees start out as a Medium Roast Specialty Grade Cameroon and mild Central American coffee. Our 100% natural flavorings avoid the chemical aftertastes associated with artificial flavorings. The result is natural, delicious and calorie-free. Add your own sweetener and milk to taste. Our Single Serve Pods contain more coffee than other brands resulting in a heartier brew. If you prefer your coffee a little weaker, select a larger cup size when brewing.

Ingredients: Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee with 100% Natural Flavorings

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