Boxer Coffee Supports Tails of Joy

Boxer Coffee Supports Tails of Joy


Tails of Joy is celebrating 21 years of saving lives!

Tails of Joy is so pleased to be the only charity Boxer Coffee supports. Founded and run by comedian/writer/animal activist Elayne Boosler, TOJ is a nationwide non - profit animal rescue organization that has been saving the lives of thousands of abused, homeless and neglected animals in need for twenty-one years. While we love goofy Boxers, we save every breed of dog and cat, and every kind of animal. From bunnies and horses to sea life, wildlife, companion and farm animals, our reach is far and our “Little Guy Grants” go where they’re needed most on a daily basis.

Because we are all volunteer and pay no salaries or perks, 100% of every dollar you donate is used to save animals’ lives, often on what would be their last day of life at the pound.

We know from experience that no donation is “too small” and every dollar adds up. When you click the $2.50 donation button in your cart, Boxer Coffee grows your $2.50 to $5.00, every time.

This combined generosity will help us pay for bailing dogs and cats out of the pound, often just in the nick of time. It will help pay for medicines, toys, blankets, food, vet bills, supplies, transport, boarding, training, spay/neuter, helping the pets of people in need; anything and everything that makes life better for animals and their people.

Everybody wins! You get to enjoy superlative coffee and bestow a lifetime of love and joy to a needy four legged friend. Thank you from the bottom of our paws.

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